eXtended Attack Surface Management

Our innovative Attack Surface Management offers continuous monitoring and precise threat detection. Protect your digital assets and be always one step ahead. Discover our platform - and see for yourself how we secure your attack surface.

Continuous monitoring of your attack surface

Automated recognition and inventory of your assets

Clear and centralized display of your attack surface

Detection of data leaks and unprotected secrets

24/7 monitoring and reactive threat detection

blacklens.io eXtended Attack Surface Management enables continuous monitoring of your digital environment. We identify and respond to emerging threats to protect your company continuously from cyber attacks.

Precise security analysis and asset inventory

We do not only carry out continuous security scans, but also provide a detailed inventory of your digital assets. In this way, we ensure comprehensive analysis and immediate notification of security risks to reliably protect your systems.

Protection against complex cyber attacks

blacklens.io extends the capabilities of attack surface management by continuously monitoring your digital landscape to effectively prevent and detect data leaks and security breaches. Our platform identifies specific attack patterns such as typosquatting and homographic attacks and minimizes the risks of security breaches. Through precise security analyses and detailed asset inventories, we ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data around the clock.

24/7 monitoring and reactive threat detection

Your Attack Surface is safely monitored with blacklens.io

Experience the power of 24/7 monitoring and advanced threat detection from blacklens.io.

Request your demo and discover how we precisely analyze your digital assets and protect them from sophisticated cyberattacks.

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