Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Expand your cyber defense with Our Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) goes beyond conventional vulnerability scanning. Discover how our experts seamlessly reinforce your security with continuous and in-depth testing. Request a demo now and strengthen your defenses against the latest cyberthreats.

Professional penetration testing by certified experts

Development of PoC exploits for identified vulnerabilities

Reduction of false positive results

Individual recommendations from our security consultants

Continuous penetration testing offers far more than standard vulnerability scanning. Our service expands your Blue team with experts for in-depth analysis and elimination of vulnerabilities. We guarantee comprehensive protection against current cyber threats through continuous and specialized penetration testing.

Comprehensive penetration tests by experts relies on human expertise and a rotational approach for complex penetration tests. Our experts, who are in constant rotation, uncover challenging security gaps. This rotation process ensures that fresh perspectives and diverse expertise are incorporated into the analysis.

We offer customized solutions and precise recommendations to improve the security of our customers continuously .

Practical security solutions and continuous support

Our approach at focuses on customized security solutions. We minimize false positives and offer continuous support through regular jour fixes in order to constantly optimize your security strategy.

Manage your vulnerabilities, easier than ever before

Secure your perimeter with

Request a demo now and experience our exclusive service that goes beyond standard vulnerability scanning.

Strengthen your defenses against the latest cyber threats with

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