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8. May 2024

Consent phishing: An underestimated risk and how protects you

In the world of cybersecurity, one particularly devious scam is becoming increasingly common: consent phishing. This type of phishing aims to gain the user’s permission in order to gain access to sensitive data and systems. But why do attackers use this method and how can you protect yourself against it?

Consent phishing differs from conventional phishing in that it does not directly ask for passwords. Instead, victims are tricked into allowing access permissions to their data or services, often via well-disguised fake login prompts. This tactic is particularly insidious as it bypasses the natural security mechanisms that many have implemented in the form of regular password changes or two-factor authentication.

Source: Microsoft(Consent phishing attack flow)

Motivation and methods of the attackers

The attackers’ motivation is clear: access to a wide range of information and systems that can be misused for other criminal activities, from identity theft to outright financial fraud. As soon as a user agrees to a consent request, this process becomes even more dangerous. Attackers often ask for specific authorizations such as read access to email inboxes or calendar entries. Microsoft’s research shows that threat actors used third-party OAuth applications as the primary technique for leaking data after victims had given their consent

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How protects you

To protect against such attacks, offers a proactive solution. Our platform performs continuous vulnerability scans in your cloud environment. These scans not only enable us to detect potential vulnerabilities at an early stage, but also to send immediate notifications of critical changes or suspicious activity. These immediate updates enable our customers to react quickly and effectively minimize potential security risks.

Conclusion: Proactive protection with

Integrating into your security strategy ensures that your data and systems are continuously monitored and protected, significantly reducing the risk of a Consent Phishing attack. In an era where digital security is critical, it’s more important than ever to take proactive measures to protect yourself from advanced phishing tactics. is your partner in the fight against cyber threats by offering not only reactive, but above all proactive protection. Protect yourself and your organization from the sophisticated tactics of cybercriminals with the advanced security solutions from

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